What places have you found Monster High Dolls at?


I know the major places like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us, but what other places have you found MH dolls? Compiling a list of places to hunt can help your fellow collectors find dolls for good deals!

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Toys R Us [the dolls here are marked up a few…

Shopko and Gordman’s

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I helped a lady out today (Monster High)


I have a nice story :3

Today I was in a town about 30 minutes from my city just shopping around. I had a 2.0 Cleo in my back seat. I happened to go to that town’s Wal Mart, and naturally went straight to the Monster High toy section. As I was eyeing the stock an older woman approached the…

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So, I had my first encounter with scalpers this morning. I had such a good feeling today when I woke up, but that was instantly shattered when I got out of my car to see two men waiting outside the TRU 20min before opening time… I heard them talking to another lady nearby, and she asked “Did you find anything good the other day?” His response, “I found some Monster High dolls. The new gargoyle girl, and the guy.” At this point, my heart started racing. I waited impatiently to go inside, feeling the hoplesness of it all weighing on my heart. My first thought was to warn the employee at the customer service desk, but I took a chance and went to the aisle first. One of the guys were there, cradling 5 Rochelle and 1 Jackson in his arms. I clasped my hands and literally begged him for just one. He offered me my pick, and when I asked where the other Jacksons were, he said “This was the only one.” LIAR! After he left, I checked the shelves, hoping one might have been carelessly over-looked. No such luck. I was in tears when I went to check out. I’ve read so many horror stories. This was by far one of the lesser evils I could have witnessed, but it still hurt so much. My cashier asked why I was upset, so I told her. She said not to worry, they wouldn’t let them leave with all the dolls. It was a 2 per person limit. I was only slightly relieved. My hunt for Jackson continues… I fear the release of Robecca and Venus, because of them all, I want Robecca the most.

Oh bby
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Reblog with your first doll, and did you intend to get more than one?

I think mine was the Gloom Beach Draculaura (who’s hair I permed). And yes, yes I did. At least one each of the main characters.

My first was Ghouls Night Out Spectra Vondergeist, and I knew I wanted more- I just didn’t realize that I would have three more within a week!

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very cool custom by doctor frankendesign.

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Do any pro doll collectors want to teach me the ways of being able to afford all the dolls yet still afford food so I don’t die?

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I HATE people who say that collectors waste all their money on their collections. While it’s true that some collectors invest a lot of time and money in their collections, what give you the right to call it a ‘waste of money’?

Don’t assume you know how collectors use their money or how much of it they spend on their passions. 

Srsly. That just makes you an ass-hat.

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All 106 of my ladies. Ah! I can’t believe I’ve reached this milestone! 

I desperately wish Mattel would include stands with all the dolls, especially is stores like Kmart and Toys R Us are going to be charing 15.99 for Dance class and Music festival anyways. 

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A custom Harley quinn and Poison Ivy Monster High Doll playing with lego Mini Figure of themselves.

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Photo Set
Photo Set


So I finally finished filling that new display case I got last month! Its so nice to have ALL my Monster High stuff on display again. The only thing not in the case are the dolls I plan to use for the playset setups like I had back in my old room.

Even then, with all my new added space, I will probably be taking some of the ones in the case out to add to the playsets once I put them up!

But for now I must move on to unpacking all my non-doll toys. *sigh* This is going to take me forever to get all this stuff set up again…

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Photo Set

Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Kotobukiya Rubber Strap Collection #2 Noah’s Ark


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i dont think goosebumps books ever came into print i think they just mystically appeared in public school libraries one day already in mediocre condition

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